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Grey HeronYou are looking at what was  my hide. Idiots decided to set it on fire.I spent many hours in there.Great Tit       3F5A5549Great Tit    3F5A5168Great Tit            3F5A5717Great Tit            3F5A6224Coal titRobin In winters sun                   3F5A66933F5A6368Male Chaffinch 3F5A5874Jay 3F5A5884....Male Bullfinch  3F5A5746           It's a long way down..Coal tit   3F5A5704Coal tit 3FA4940Nuthatch         3F5A4903JayBlackbirdRobin 3F5A4792Jay 3F5A4608Coal Tit 3F5A4243

Guestbook for You are looking at what was my Hide.Idiots set it
Christian Thompson(non-registered)
Hi Barrie

Just wanted to say that your recently uploaded images are of the highest calibre and I've thoroughly enjoyed viewing and gaining inspiration.

Gabrielle Mackey(non-registered)
The details are amazing....Simply Brilliant! Thankyou.
David Cookson(non-registered)
Great day out at Bempton Barrie....and you've got the images to prove it. Love the new opening slide-show.
Geoff Kennedy(non-registered)
Hi Barrie - the slowworm images are impressive - I'll keep an eye on your work in the future.
Geoff (Lancs Wildlife Trust)
I said I'd look you up!!
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