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Atlantic Grey Seal showing aggressionAtlantic Grey Seal pupGrey Seal pupGrey Seal pupMother and pup bondingGrey Seal pupGrey Seal pupGrey Seal and the photographer in sand-storm.The harbour masterGrey Seals in courtshipGrey Seals in courtship 1Adult Grey Seal in mating ritualAdult bull sealGrey Seals in courtship 2Juvenile grey seals playing in surf

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Mary Rand Reese(non-registered)
Fantastic Photo's Barry. The best I have ever seen. What a talent you have !! How wonderful to do what you love in the great outdoors I really enjoyed all of them and can't wait to share them with friends here in the USA.

It's a long time since we were on the British Team together. Lots of good memories.

Take care
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