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Equipment used for Norway Canon 500mm F4 IS lens. Canon 300mm F2.8 IS lens. Canon EOS- 1D MARK 1V body. Canon EOS 5D body. 70-200mm F4 IS lens. 24-105mm IS lens. 1.4 and a X2 converters
Details of my trip to Norway will follow shortly_MG_1239_MG_1222The moment was caught on camera whilst the Golden Eagle paused from ripping open the carcassWild Golden Eagle walking in a snow storm. Photographed in Norway February 2011Wild Golden Eagle in flight.Golden Eagle on a fox carcass.Golden Eagle...turning for home: this was the last shot of the dayGolden Eagle feeding Red Deer carcass.Golden Eagle.. it used this vantage point to look around the area and call for the other eagle.Golden Eagle ....callingWild Golden Eagle in snow stormGolden late sun highlighting the feather detail.Golden Eagle on Fox carcassThe majestic Golden Eagle on prey.Golden Eagle on carrion in snow stormGolden Eagle feeding on carcassThis Image has not been cropped I wanted a pictorial feel about it. Here I used a 300mm lens.Despite the warmth of the Image.... my ISO was set at 2000.Siberian Jay on carcassSiberian Jay